Contemporary, innovative and progressive, Rochessa is a lifestyle footwear brand that creates chic, effortlessly wearable footwear.

Australian based Rochessa was launched by Rachel McRae in February 2016, as she feels there is somewhat of a white space between fast-fashion and high-priced luxury wares.

"It was important for me to launch Rochessa and create something that is sophisticated but still attainable for customers.”

The Rochessa brand harnesses its founders love of enduring design and superior craftsmanship to create trend-forward yet laid-back shoes for the modern woman.

Rochessa offers a diverse selection of styles; heels are offered in a range of heights, and flats, espadrilles and sneakers are available as an alternative for a more casual style.

Pronounced - /roch'es'sa/



Born and raised in Australia, Rachel McRae is a graduate in Textiles, Clothing and Footwear Design from the Polytechnic West College (2009).

Having worked many years in product/design development for high-end Australian labels, Rachel launched Rochessa in a bid to provide an accessible designer contemporary footwear brand after noticing a gap in the market for 'attainable quality.'



The design process…

“For me, Rochessa is about moments and fantasy. Every shoe I design, I design for a moment in time and an exotic location. I design for ‘her.’ What would ‘she’ be wearing on her feet walking the streets of Rome, to a beach in Santorini, out to dinner at Potatohead on the Island of Bali."

Every shoe has a purpose, a place and a mood to it. 





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